Re-think the amendments

thethinker-graphicAll businesses around New Zealand are being negatively impacted by this poorly drafted, ill-targeted and unworkable legislation. That’s why the Government should repeal Part 6A.

The Challenge: Explain Part 6A

Changes are in the pipeline for the Employment Relations Amendment Bill resulting in more headaches for those faced with dealing with Part 6A.

The Minister is promising more “fairness, flexibility and clarity in employment law”, but the proposed amendments will only make Part 6A more difficult to comply with and understand for contractors, affected employees and the end customers.

The Minister of Labour, Hon Simon Bridges has a chance to help businesses sort out Part 6A once and for all. This over-complicated and confusing legislation forces additional costs onto businesses as they try to interpret, decipher and explain how the proposed Part 6A provisions will apply to their business and to their employees.

We’re asking for a simple explanation from the Minister of how the changes he’s proposing to Part 6A will actually work in the real world. Because at the moment, the legislation is just as confusing unit’s always been.

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